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Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 10.54.00While we were discussing uploading photos to the gallery on Wednesday, Willie enquired whether keywords that you have assigned to your images would be uploaded with them. I've tried, and they are. Furthermore, the keywords are displayed under the thumbnail of the image in the album, where they are clickable links to other images with the same keyword. I clicked the "mountains" keyword in the photo I had put up, and got linked to an image where Willie had the same keyword. So if everyone used keywords, and we agreed on a standard set, we could use that feature for … well, something.

The project team has put together a description of the project. Do please read it BEFORE our Wednesday meeting so that they can answer any questions.  Follow the link for the description: Project2016

There is an album in the gallery where you can upload work for the project, for discussion (use the comment feature) or final artwork. You have to be logged in to see work in the album (Project 2016 – Collage) or to upload or comment. It is currently the last album in the gallery.

When we post news items here, they are automatically copied to our facebook page, but as was mentioned last night, not everyone uses facebook. This is an experiment that should send an email notification of new posts to all registered users, so apologies if you get it in error, or you don’t get it (please let us know), or it just doesn’t work.

The new season begins for Carlow Photographic Society on Wednesday, September 2nd at 8pm in the Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow. We will welcome back our existing members and extend a céad míle fáilte to all new members.

Enrolling will take place for full membership ( including classes) at a cost of €80 and for classes only at €60.

CPS members, Marie Doyle and Michael Russell, will deliver a Presentation of their images from a recent visit to Cuba.

We will also outline the Calendar of Events for the coming year and discuss a proposed new CPS Competition Structure.

We look forward to a fulfilling season in photography for all our members.