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Colour  (Open is Mono)

 5th Oct 2016

Machine parts


Mono  (Open is Colour)

 9th Nov 2016



Colour  (Open is Mono)

 1st Feb 2017



Mono   (Open is Colour)

 1st Mar 2017

Open sections are in blod and in (brackets).

The Judging will be around two weeks after entry night subject to the judge 

David Lawlor


Congratulations to JJ Rattigan on winning the Clubs Photographer of the year competition tonight. (great images over the year) Also well done on all he Members who sent images over the year to be judged. I look forward to next years competitions.   

First of all I would like to thank all members that took part in the league over the past seven months.

It has been a great competition with some great photos on show 


The results are in and with only ten points between 5th and 1st

Liam Beatte 5th          124 Points.

Michael Russell 4th     126 Points.

Joe Rattigan  3rd         132 Points.

Maria Martin 2nd         133 Points.

Michael Blade 1st        134 Points.

Congratlations  Michael you are our League winner for 2015-16 Season. 

See results below 













Contact Sheet For SACC interclub compettition 13-03-2016 web

DLP_4620 web

This is our panel we put forward to the sacc interclub competition in cork's old water works building on lee road

Although we did not do well in the competition over all. It was great to see all the clubs photographs that were on show and hear all the judges’ comments on each panel.  All members that had photos in the panel and had comments made toward there photos have been given there comments. I think members should attend these competitions to see how the competition is run and see the quality of all the work on show.

Going forward:

For our club to do well we need to be entering all three competition (Colour Print Monochrome Print, and projected Images as it’s an overall score that decides the winners.

We have another competition coming up in May and we would like to enter Colour  Monochrome Print panels so please add your photos to the competition folder. 

David lawlor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has added photographs to the Competition Folder, and thanks to those who helped and gave advice on the panel thats going forward to tomorrows SACC Interclub Competition at Cork

It's not an easy process to pick a panel of images when you have a small number of images to work with. To pick ten images for a panel we should ideally have 50-70 images to work with. For our next competition later in the year we will need Colour and B&W panels so please keep adding you favourite photos to the folder.

Best of luck to all members that have photos in tomorrows panel 



We are looking for your images

The SACC Interclub Competition due to take place on Sunday 13th March and the committee are hoping to enter the competition.  What we are asking members is to look into their photo archives and pick out some of your favourite images that can be used for this and upcoming events



David Lawlor