Admin & Setup

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 10.54.00While we were discussing uploading photos to the gallery on Wednesday, Willie enquired whether keywords that you have assigned to your images would be uploaded with them. I've tried, and they are. Furthermore, the keywords are displayed under the thumbnail of the image in the album, where they are clickable links to other images with the same keyword. I clicked the "mountains" keyword in the photo I had put up, and got linked to an image where Willie had the same keyword. So if everyone used keywords, and we agreed on a standard set, we could use that feature for … well, something.

When we post news items here, they are automatically copied to our facebook page, but as was mentioned last night, not everyone uses facebook. This is an experiment that should send an email notification of new posts to all registered users, so apologies if you get it in error, or you don’t get it (please let us know), or it just doesn’t work.

You can look at the upcoming events calendar by clicking on the link on the menu bar, and of course any events in the next couple of weeks appear in the right sidebar of the home page, but did you know that, once you are logged in, you can add events to the calendar? So if you know of any event that might interest your fellow-members, just log in and put it in the calendar. There is a help page, “Updating the Calendar”, under Member’s Stuff in the menu bar.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be tidying up the albums in the gallery, removing any that are empty or belong to former members. I notice that some people haven't added anything to their album in a looooong time. You should consider using it more – it provides a more permanent display for your best images than the transient nature of facebook. You don't have to be logged in to see the pictures in the gallery, though you do to add pictures or comments. There is a page of notes on using the gallery under our Educational menu item.