Admin & Setup

I’ve moved the Interesting Places page from the Members’ Menu to the renamed How and Where to do stuff Menu (it was simply Education – not terribly eye catching), changing its name in the process to Some Photogenic places. It is a map with about a dozen markers, showing places that photographers visiting Carlow might like to visit for a few photographs.

But there are probably another dozen or so other places that might be added to the map, so please take a look, and if you don’t see one that you think you should, add a comment on the page and I’ll update the map.


All members have access to the CPS website’s albums, where they can post their photos for others to see. Those who also use facebook can post their pictures in the CPS Group there, so which to use? Both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Ease of Posting: It is probably a bit easier to put a picture on our website, as you can upload up to 20 pictures at a time
  • Visibility: Only CPS members can see pictures posted in our group on facebook, while anyone can see pictures posted in the albums, unless you (or the administrator) specifically restricts them
  • Discussion: With the latest album system, it is easy for members to rate or comment on a photo, and if you have several you would like opinions on, the website is easier. There is, or will be, a mechanism for exchange of comments between the website and facebook
  • Picture quality: You will generally get higher quality results in pictures on the website
  • Organisation: Everyone gets their own album in the gallery and there are generally separate albums for various projects. Within their album members can create sub-albums, so pictures can be organised into various categories. In the facebook group all the pictures go into one big album (generally).
  • Permanence: Facebook isn’t. The webpage is.

If you had pictures in our previous Gallery system and would like them transferred to your new album, let me (Austin) know. It is a simple operation but does require admin rights.

Lots have things have changed with facebook since we first set up so that posts here would be echoed to our facebook group, and various settings had fallen into disrepair. To get it going, it seemed simplest to start from scratch, so today’s question is – are we there yet, Sabrina?

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 10.54.00While we were discussing uploading photos to the gallery on Wednesday, Willie enquired whether keywords that you have assigned to your images would be uploaded with them. I've tried, and they are. Furthermore, the keywords are displayed under the thumbnail of the image in the album, where they are clickable links to other images with the same keyword. I clicked the "mountains" keyword in the photo I had put up, and got linked to an image where Willie had the same keyword. So if everyone used keywords, and we agreed on a standard set, we could use that feature for … well, something.

When we post news items here, they are automatically copied to our facebook page, but as was mentioned last night, not everyone uses facebook. This is an experiment that should send an email notification of new posts to all registered users, so apologies if you get it in error, or you don’t get it (please let us know), or it just doesn’t work.

You can look at the upcoming events calendar by clicking on the link on the menu bar, and of course any events in the next couple of weeks appear in the right sidebar of the home page, but did you know that, once you are logged in, you can add events to the calendar? So if you know of any event that might interest your fellow-members, just log in and put it in the calendar. There is a help page, “Updating the Calendar”, under Member’s Stuff in the menu bar.