Last night "Travel" was drawn as the topic for Round 3. This led to some discussion as to what would constitute a travel photograph, so I decided to do a bit of browsing …

Wikipedia quotes the Photographic Society of America: "a travel photo is an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations". National Geographic has a page of travel photography tips, which may help but they do assume you have travelled before making your images, whereas for the PSA's definition you don't actually need to go abroad, nor even to Belfast – you could take pictures in Dublin Street that express the feeling of time and place. I'll pass the PSA definition on to the judge.

You could spend many hours on the internet looking at travel photographs, but if you have only time for a few, take a look at these 10 in the Guardian Newspaper's October Travel competition, with a sub-theme "Faces".

Since this competition was introduced a few years ago we have seen some really great photography being entered. This year 25 of our members submitted their 1o images for the first round, and judges Joe Conroy (Mountmellick) and Ciara Drennan (Portlaoise) were full of praise for the quality of the pictures. They judged them separately, and their marks were then combined to produce 5 entrants (Jaroslav Pavlinec, Shirley Kelly, Roger Jones, Nuala Grogan and Jenny McCullough) who would go through to the final.

The finalists printed 5 images from their initial 10 – without knowing how the judges had marked them in the 1st round – and we saw the stunning sets of pictures last night when the judges came to see the prints. They had difficulty choosing between them, as evidenced by the time it took them. Their subsequent comments on the pictures were most instructive, while the finalists had to sit nervously waiting for the outcome. Close second was Roger Jones with some fantastic wildlife prints, while the winner was our hard-working Secretary Nuala Grogan.

Congratulations Nuala, Photographer of the Year, and congratulations to the other finalists and to all who entered.