From the Chair

Have you thought about your personal project? Bring in the form tomorrow – get a copy if you need one. And don't forget to email us ( with suggestions for classes that you'ld like.

The main topic for the evening will be a workshop on split toning /duo toning – so bring your laptop if convenient, so that you can work through the examples.

See you!

It is with deep regret that we learnt of the death of Tomaz Lunder, our friend from Slovenia on Wednesday 2nd March. Most of our members will have experienced his very generous spirit through his assistance with our exhibition of portraits and more recently with street photography in 2014. Our sympathy is with his family.

The project team has put together a description of the project. Do please read it BEFORE our Wednesday meeting so that they can answer any questions.  Follow the link for the description: Project2016

There is an album in the gallery where you can upload work for the project, for discussion (use the comment feature) or final artwork. You have to be logged in to see work in the album (Project 2016 – Collage) or to upload or comment. It is currently the last album in the gallery.


An Exhibition of Portraits focusing on the past and present life of the River Barrow

[The exhibition will now run until the end of August]

It had for some time been the intention of the members of Carlow Photographic Society to document the River Barrow, to photograph it in a way that relates only to that river, to not only consider the landscape, flora and fauna but to dig deeper into its life and to consider how the river impacted on people’s lives.    With this in mind and also the 220th anniversary of the navigation of the River Barrow, which is being celebrated this year, twenty seven members of Carlow Photographic Society began the project.

Carlow Photographic Society has made portraits of people who live beside or who have a strong association with the River Barrow.  We engaged with our chosen people and organisations.  Locations beside the river were chosen and portraits were made.  Each person photographed was asked to make a personal statement on their thoughts or their connections to the river.