Congratulations to JJ Rattigan on winning the Clubs Photographer of the year competition tonight. (great images over the year) Also well done on all he Members who sent images over the year to be judged. I look forward to next years competitions.   

First of all I would like to thank all members that took part in the league over the past seven months.

It has been a great competition with some great photos on show 


The results are in and with only ten points between 5th and 1st

Liam Beatte 5th          124 Points.

Michael Russell 4th     126 Points.

Joe Rattigan  3rd         132 Points.

Maria Martin 2nd         133 Points.

Michael Blade 1st        134 Points.

Congratlations  Michael you are our League winner for 2015-16 Season. 

See results below 














please remember this Wednesday we need images for the Club Shield. 8 images in digital format to be submitted within a folder with your membership number as the folder name. Each file should have a unique name

e.g. My folder is 03-019

       My images are; "Lake View", "The Road Ahead", etc.

Best of Luck and may the best member win!

Mike the Secretary

Contact Sheet For SACC interclub compettition 13-03-2016 web

DLP_4620 web

This is our panel we put forward to the sacc interclub competition in cork's old water works building on lee road

Although we did not do well in the competition over all. It was great to see all the clubs photographs that were on show and hear all the judges’ comments on each panel.  All members that had photos in the panel and had comments made toward there photos have been given there comments. I think members should attend these competitions to see how the competition is run and see the quality of all the work on show.

Going forward:

For our club to do well we need to be entering all three competition (Colour Print Monochrome Print, and projected Images as it’s an overall score that decides the winners.

We have another competition coming up in May and we would like to enter Colour  Monochrome Print panels so please add your photos to the competition folder. 

David lawlor

Dear Members


I would like to share with you my observations of our Sunday outing last week.

When you opened your curtains or blinds at 6:30 on that faithful morning in your Sponge Bob pj’s and said to yourself “well no one is going to take photographs in that weather” you were wrong five people turned up.

When you have good company and great conversation in the car and you get to your destination before you realise it.

When we got to Waterford, I said to Linda “Shit are we in Waterford?” and I will never forget her reply as long as I live “Yep” (Powerful)

                        We only got lost once, started heading back the way we came.

We arrived at Mahon Falls and Linda needed to find a rock, let’s just say the area around the rock will take a little bit longer to dry out then the rest of the field.

When all five people arrived at the carpark we headed to the falls, a twenty-minute trek on a level gravel track, God it was tough. Sherpas and donkeys at the front and we followed at the rear.

We all assumed our positions and had our first casualty, Linda caught her finger in her tripod. A rooky mistake, blood everywhere. I gave her my only tissue, I found out later that was a big mistake.   

I ventured into the water close to the waterfall, wanted to re-enact the Timotei ad where the girl washes her hair with shampoo under the waterfall naked but for some reason everyone shouted out “NO” “Don’t do it” I didn’t.

Back to photography. I set up my camera and realised my big mistake I should not have given Linda my only tissue, I needed it to wipe the spray off the front of my lens. Rooky mistake.

I moved to higher ground, took some photos and started back down a steep incline. Leaned back too far, tried to regain my balance but fell right on my back and camera bag. The weight of my bag was too much and gravity took over. I was like a turtle on its back rocking back and forward trying to get up. Eventually I managed to get up and realised no one saw what had happened. My pride was still intact.

I found out that Cepta loves “Dutch Gold” so much so when she found an empty can in the water she nearly wet herself with excitement.

Ursula dose a mean impression of Scarlet O Hara from Gone with The Wind.

Linda found out it only takes .035555 seconds to get your bum soaked when you fall on wet mud. (What a sight looking from the back)

We all took our photos and went back to our cars. We headed off to Waterford for a nice cuppa and a scone wondering why Mike and Ursula were not following behind us, we found out later back in the Granville Hotel (which by the way is mad busy on Sundays for a carvery lunch, be prepared to wait in a que for a long time.) Mikes car had got stuck in the mud and needed three people plus Ursula to push him out.

We also found out that Ken is a very good landscape photographer, he showed us some of his photos of lakes and mountain on his tablet (who would have known). He told us a great story of when himself and his wife walked up to the top of Croagh Patrick and his wife needed to do a wee, I have to redact the rest of this story from my diary as I did not get permission from Ken or more importantly his wife to tell the rest of it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Everyone had a great laugh and “thank you” Ken for finishing off a brilliant day.

Myself, Linda, Cepta, and Ken left the hotel while Ursula and Mike finish their lunch.


The rest of the events from that day fall under the category

“What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour”





The End.

Liam Beattie AIPF



Austin. I am sure this is full of grammatical errors. (Too bad)

Dear Members on Wednesday night we ask members who travelled to Waterford on Sunday to show two images each from the outing.

Our Project sub-committee wish to update us on our upcoming exhibition.

The SACC folder is up on our website. Have a look and make sure you add something to it.If not bring in your images on USB for David.

If members still need assistance on putting up images on web site we can go through the steps for same.



“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.” 

                             Abraham Lincoln