In criticizing images there are two elements that affect the photographer’s work, 1 the score and 2 the comment.  I would hope that while the comment aims to give a fair and realistic portrayal of my impression of the image in an instructive and supportive fashion, the score is definitive in terms of the overall placing of the quality of the image within the club’s total submission.  Generally I feel giving very low marks does little to raise the buoyancy of the photographer’s enthusiasm; it must be measured against the spread of quality and experience within the membership of the club.  I would hope that photographers would be astute enough in their own judgement while composing, selection of settings on camera and post processing work to act as judges of their own images, and that it would to a large extent reflect their personal judgement.  12 points I feel would be considered a base line score, and one that would separate the acceptable from the unacceptable.  12 would be awarded to an image that has no significant technical flaws, but likewise has no significant strengths.

10 would be a 12 if not for a significant flaw.  The flaw might be for example, over or under exposure by 1 stop, or a subject that might be out of focus when it needed to be in focus.

14 is a good solid image.  An image towards which every member should be striving as a minimum, such an image is technically correct and more.  It exhibits at least one element towards which photographers who are working at polishing their craft would be aiming.  Examples are showing knowledge of the importance of a choice of subject, of good lighting, of dramatic composition, of handling DOF.  If there are flaws they are minor.

16, this is a strong image.  Technically correct and much more.  The elements must work together; the flaws if they exist are difficult to see.  And in general do not impact visually.  If rules are broken they are broken for impact.  Examples are images taken in difficult exposure situations.  Effective use of selective focusing and DOF, as well as other advanced photographic techniques.  The images exhibit SEVERAL elements towards which those who are working at polishing their craft should strive.  The difference between 14 and 16 is how strong the image is.

18 is an exceptionally strong image;  i.e., true photographic excellence, maybe not totally perfect, but very strong.  It is technically correct and much more.  The elements of the image must work together to form a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.  There should not be any obvious flaws.  18 scoring images can break rules for impact.  Difficult exposure is overcome; effective use of selective focusing and DOF as well as other advanced photographic techniques are common in such images.  The image exhibits many elements towards which those working at polishing their craft should be striving.

20, for all of the above, but used to separate those who exhibit that something else that makes the  particular image unique.


Tomorrow night is a very important night for our camera club. As is normal, committee members are elected by you the members at the AGM. You are aware, due to Austin’s continuous reminders, that there are still some vacancies in the panel of proposed.

While a number of members have continuously given of their time on the various positions, it is unrealistic to imagine that the same names are the only ones that can go forward. I have seen many members with bright imagination and energy to contribute to the club, but have as yet not considered going forward. A club like ours needs the support of all its members, and will grow if we have a healthy and vibrant leadership. We have excelled in our short existence, maybe not always at the national competition stage, but we have a club which has shown it can match any club in terms of exhibitions, projects and more. Now is the time to think of where we go next. What kind of club do members want. 

I have no doubt that many of you members can add to this rich tradition in ways that we haven’t even thought of so far. if you are interested in helping the club why not consider putting your name in the hat? Hyundai has told you “Change is good” so it must be.

The AGM starts at  8:00pm


1. Minutes of AGM 2016

2. Matters arising

3. Chairman’s Address

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of officers




    Competition Secretary

    Ordinary members X 3

6. AOB.



Michael Russell

Club secretary.

Just a quick reminder to have your entries for the 3rd round of our league. Theme MACRO Print Colour, + Mono of your own choice.

Following entry of the league we will have a chance to discuss the Personal Photography Project (PPP).

Also may I take the opportunity to remind members to pay particular attention to the proposal forms for the election of officers for our incoming committee. Remember this is your club. Who do you ant to represent you.




Club secretary.

Updated 01-01-2017







Colour  (Open is Mono)

 5th Oct 2016

Machine parts


Mono  (Open is Colour)

 9th Nov 2016



Colour  (Open is Mono)

 1st Feb 2017



Mono   (Open is Colour)

 1st Mar 2017

Open sections are in blod and in (brackets).

The Judging will be around two weeks after entry night subject to the judge 

David Lawlor